Social Media  Manager

Seph first managed social media for a for-profit art gallery where he was a Communications Manager. Subsequently, he was a Digital Editor for Bard College, posting to their websites and social media platforms, maintaining their institutional voice and then fulfilled a similar role for Independent Curators International.                     

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New York, NY, United States                

Visual Diction

Upcoming Book

Seph's upcoming book from Routledge press has to do with how the visit (the interaction between the visitor and the museum) has radically changed over the past generation. He explains what the core, underlying changes are that have caused this shift, and explains how they have come about. Hw argues that the visit has become more personalized, centered on the expectations of a consumer/visitor who is expected to make a customized experience of meaning for herself. A suite of interrelated forces has reoriented museums towards regarding the visitor as this consumer, but also a producer and collaborator with the museum.

Design and Ad Campaign Experience

Seph has worked with Duggal Visual Solutions since 2015, specifically tapped to work on their GlobalShop 2016 project which required assembling a book that included writing across several formats: tag lines, artist bios and statements, invitations, promotional emails, and project summaries. The project won the Best Booth Award at GlobalShop. He has also worked on signage and tag lines for Brookfield, and for Verizon.

Talk Moderator
For three years Seph hosted a radio show he created in London called The Thread, a roundtable discussion of popular culture that looked to dig beneath the surface of culture (example: the Semiotics of Sneakers).  

What's Next

Seph plans to attend the Jamaica art biennial

This image was taken in 2009 when Seph was working as the raconteur/scribe for a conference on the explosion of Asia's visual art scene. 'The Making of the New Silk Roads" took place in Bangkok, Thailand. He had the privileged position of being a participant observer responsible for writing the story of the conference from a westerner's perspective. The convenors, Davide Quadrio and Defne Ayas published a brilliant book of the conference proceedings, including his essays: The Making of Meeting, Arthub Asia, 2013.

Writing on Art

Dr. Seph Rodney has written for several art publications, among them: The Nomadic JournalArtillery  Magazine and the blog Hyperallergic. Over the past ten years, he has produced interviews, exhibition reviews and artist profiles. His early start was with writing poetry, and his writing consistently shows that influence.                   

A Raconteur

A Brief History