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We live in an attention economy. Artful language has to be employed for art and design work to gain traction with its publics. I can make this language suit a client's needs.

New York, NY, United States                

"Seph does excellent work. From proofreading and copy editing to helping us with editorial direction, manuscript assessment and acquisitions, Seph's contributions to DoppelHouse Press have been numerous. Seph’s attention to detail, his meticulousness and rigor, and his

sensitive ear for the  language make him invaluable to our publishing team."

~ Carrie Paterson


DoppelHouse Press

"Seph's honest approach to writing about contemporary art is refreshing and insightful. He's not afraid to speak his mind. This kind of writing is what we look for in Artillery—intelligent and truthful commentary in a world awash with machinations and ego-bolstering."

~ Tulsa Kinney


Artillery Magazine

"He is an incredible writer- his abilities go way beyond the quotidian  assignments I give him- and everything comes back perfect. Finished.  No drafts. Just finished. I don't change a word."

~ Sasha Wolf


Sasha Wolf Gallery

Wonderful intelligent capable gentleman. Do yourself a favor and gift yourself the opportunity to have Seph work with you!

~ Glenn Rabbach

Vice President/Creative Director

Duggal Visual Solutions

"Seph knows contemporary art intimately. In the talks he moderated and the press releases he's written for me, he's shown insight about the work of the artists I was showing. That helped me make their work more accessible."

~ Leanne Stella


Art in Flux Art Fair

What They Say

What I Offer
– Uniquely engaging language for outdoor signage, promotional campaigns, design projects, and press releases.

– Clients have included Sasha Wolf Art Gallery, Art in Flux Art Fair, Brookfield Place Realty, Duggal Visual, and Verizon

– Cunning social media bulletins and marketing strategies.

Who I am
– I have a PhD in Museum Studies, and write regularly on contemporary art. I also edit art and design publications.

Visual Diction
  Translating Contemporary Art + Design